We Are Transforming Companies From the Inside Out

At Michigan Ross, our mission is to create a better world through business.

One of the important ways we achieve our mission is partnering with organizations around the world to help them elevate their performance and transform in ways that create more value for customers, employees, shareholders, and communities.

From MAP projects, where our students solve their most important strategic challenges, to Executive Education programs that transform and elevate their human capital to new heights, Michigan Ross is a trusted partner to leading companies around the world. These companies rely on Michigan Ross for talent, ideas and insights, and our commitment to helping them achieve results.


Michigan Ross’ Executive Education enterprise grew by 18 percent in the 2017 fiscal year, the highest levels of revenue and contribution in more than a decade. Growth in customized, open enrollment, and online learning experiences expanded EE’s impact on business by engaging more individuals and organizations in learning how to achieve and sustain superior performance.

More than 17,000 managers and executives engaged with Michigan Ross in 2017. As these executives apply new knowledge and skills, they elevate the performance of thousands more, creating an astonishing ripple effect across the globe. Michigan Ross is creating a better world through business and the people we educate.


We are serving companies and their employees across the globe. In 2016 – 2017 Michigan Ross engaged with companies and facilitated learning experiences for individuals from 50 different countries.

We helped solve business challenges, drive innovation, and develop leadership talent for organizations such as Oracle, General Motors, GE, Tata, ICBC, China Development Bank, Bank Mandiri, Saudi Telecom, Toyota, and the NFL, to name a few.

Michigan Ross continues its long-running partnership with Tata. The 32nd Tata Group Executive Leadership Seminar was held at Michigan Ross in July.

We added a webinar to support the annual NFL Business Academy, where current and former players come to Michigan Ross to learn how to find and evaluate potential business ideas and how to start companies.


The number of opportunities for companies to work with Ross faculty and students to pursue ambitious goals and solve challenging problems is expanding. In the last year alone, more than 200 companies partnered with Michigan Ross through a variety of programs, many of them integrated directly into our undergraduate and graduate curriculum.

Here are just some of the ways companies engaged with us:

139 MAP sponsors – companies around the world sponsor MAP projects and work with teams of Ross students across programs. Learn more about MAP

15 Impact Challenge partners – This year 15 Detroit food entrepreneurs spent a week at Ross partnering with our MBA students. Together they developed business plans, strategic marketing goals, sustainability initiatives, and more to help the entrepreneurs grow their impact in the city of Detroit.

23 Tauber Summer Projects – Each year our students in the Tauber Institute for Global Operations spend their summers working directly with companies on some of their most challenging logistics and operations opportunities.

2 Innovation Jams – Students working with our Sanger Leadership Center spent two weekends this past year working with Amazon on solving one of their very real business issues. Read more about the Innovation Jam

14 Ross Open Road Entrepreneurs – In partnership with the Center for Social Impact and the Zell Lurie Institute, teams of MBA students drove 9,000 miles across the country earlier this summer to partner with 14 different startups to work on mini-consulting projects. Read more

24 C-Suite Execs Visited Classes – As part of our Business Leadership In Changing Times (MO 611) course, Michigan Ross MBAs met with 24 CEOs and C-Suite executives to learn about strategies and techniques to navigate a business through difficult situations.

From quick-hitting Innovation Jams to longer-term MAP projects to Executive Education programs, our corporate partners come to Michigan Ross because of the ideas, expertise, and ingenuity demonstrated by our students, faculty, and staff. We are Michigan Ross!

We Are Michigan Ross is a series of stories that brings together the facts, figures, people and ideas that make the Michigan Ross community unlike any other.